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Welcome to Shree Varia Prajapati


Shree Varia Prajapati Tiles Works is solely Engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting Roofing tiles, Decorative Terra Cota Products and clay products with strict polices to maintain quality A long journey of 40 years can only be traveled by truly Satisfied Customers of India, Gulf, Africa & U.K..

This site is Designed to Provide help to architects, Builders & the and users to select proper choice for particularly landscape, according to the need & taste of individual.

Dimension & Weights are subject to very A little Details Shown in this catalogue are for reference only.

We started this unit in the yer 1972, worked hands on, 18 hours a day, and never gave up. The competition was huge and growing, the going was becoming tough, our determination never subsided and as a result, we went on from success to success. In 1994, came the big recession which pushed out 60% of the manufacturers from the market, but we did not give up and stuck to the task.

We started with 6 designs, today we have 186 designs, including decorative tiles, the largest range in decorative tiles, in india.

We can boast of having the best production capacity to handle and kind of design and volumes. We can assure the customer of the best quality in the market.

I still have dreams to estrablishmany more units for the group and become the invincible company in the industry. A comany, which is the brand the customers ask for and the name that is trusted all over.